Welcome to Thornhill

Our Story

Coming home to Thornhill is exhilarating. The warm welcome of honey-hued stone.  Dramatic sunsets and sweeping vistas.  Shady trees dappled with sunlight. 

Thornhill is beautiful by design, carefully tucked amid the contours of land and waterways that would one day become the enclave of Ballantyne. 

Developers envisioned a community of single-family homes uniquely set within a natural, wooded environment.  No two lots would be the same.  Instead, the focus would be harmony of design among structure and topography.  Protected natural buffers and acres of dedicated common area would ensure that Thornhill’s rolling terrain would remain lush and green for generations to come.

So welcome to our little corner of Charlotte.  We encourage you to feel the wonder of your beautiful home, its inspiring setting and a community that warmly welcomes you.

Joy Resides Here

The place good neighbors call home

Thornhill is a planned community in the best sense of the word.  A place where neighbors live with intention – to interact with kindness, to raise family among friends, to celebrate together.  The vibe recalls close-knit communities of memory, when doors swung open for everyone’s kids and laughter from impromptu driveway gatherings lingered long into the night.  There are strong bonds created here, bonds that endure across generations and are renewed with each new family that chooses to call Thornhill home.

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Welcome to Thornhill

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